About us

1. Mission and vision

Medtutor was founded on the solid belief that anybody can become a soldier. We provide people with unique training and testing services. With our cutting-edge technology, we create a simple and effective system for everybody who wants to pursue an army career.

In the next 5 years, to become a trusted brand on the e-education platform and to be positioned as one of the top 5 biggest education companies in the US.

2. From Apps to Website

Beginning with the aforementioned/priority mission, our experts created the Medtutor: COMPLETE PREP FOR MEDICAL & HEALTH-RELATED EXAMS for users, which are available for both IOS and Android devices. We are proud that our product is definitely FREE and always on the top 3 on both App Store and Google Play.

Our professionals have spent the time to look at a huge of reference books to create the best practice tests and questions. Furthermore, our system also was designed corresponding to users’ levels and schedules to make sure candidates will pass their coming tests.

After years of success on the app platforms, we decided to launch a new place for people to learn on their browsers. Now you can take our practice tests on any device. And we guarantee there is no difference between our app and website.