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How to Become an MCAT Tutor [2023 Comprehensive Updated]

It's easy to become a tutor if you love teaching others and Medical College Admission Tests.  Follow this article to know how to become an MCAT Tutor in 2023.

June 18, 2022

If you love Medical College Admission Tests and have a passion for teaching others, becoming an MCAT tutor is easy. Follow this article carefully to know how to become an MCAT Tutor in 2022. 

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What is an MCAT tutor?

An MCAT tutor assists the students in studying for the Medical College Admissions Test, which is a requirement for medical school admissions. Your responsibilities and duties differ based on the position and company. You might work as a freelance tutor, working with clients one-on-one to drill them on specific areas of the test where they are weak.

Tutoring for a large corporation might mean hosting group seminars to provide general testing tips.  You could also tutor an online audience. However, all tutors determine which parts of the test your client requires assistance with and develop strategies to help the student prepare for the exam and achieve the highest possible score.

Furthermore, a private tutor assists students in learning basic Medical College Admission Test concepts in order to support them throughout a complete school year Medical College Admission Test course. Students generally require assistance with additional support concepts such as math, physics, science, and others. A private tutor, regardless of the subdiscipline of the Medical College Admission Test they teach, is expected to be well-rounded in order to support the entire student’s learning needs.

become an mcat tutor

What are the requirements for working as an MCAT tutor?

Working as an MCAT tutor has a variety of qualifications and requirements, but you must have taken the MCAT and received a very high score. In addition to test-taking skills, you must have a bachelor’s degree and vast knowledge of MCAT subjects like biology, chemistry, and math. The ability to assist students in managing their own learning as well as effective written and verbal communication are essential skills. Prior teaching experience is also helpful.

How to become an MCAT tutor?

It’s easy to become a tutor if you enjoy teaching others and love Medical College Admission Tests. To teach kindergarten and middle school, you’ll need a high school degree at the very minimum. Depending on the level, of course, you wish to teach, you may need a degree in a specialist subject for higher-level Medical College Admission Test courses.

The initial step is to choose which subjects you want to tutor. Then decide the age groups and grade levels you’d like to teach. Learn the curriculum for various grade levels as well as the key concepts. Finally, create your own teaching methods and tools, and as you gain more experience dealing with students, you will eventually build your own materials.

How much do MCAT tutors get paid?

Medical College Admission Test tutoring fees vary as tutors determine their own pricing rates and schedules. The hourly pay rate for MCAT lessons and tutors is $30. You can expect to pay $15 to $150 per hour for an MCAT tutor to educate you on how to improve your MCAT score. The average price of MCAT lessons varies substantially depending on location (including zip code), subject expertise, session length, frequency of sessions, online vs. in-person education, and many other factors.

Tutors have the flexibility and freedom to create their own fees in order to be compensated properly. New tutors frequently set reduced charges to help them establish a clientele and obtain a few positive reviews to help them stand out.

It takes time to become a great tutor, but it’s well worth it because it can provide a full-time income or act as a valuable source of supplemental income. You have complete control over your choices and freedom. Take the time to find out how much other tutors in your region charge based on their expertise and education levels.

MCAT Lesson Duration & Costs List

MCAT Lesson LengthsAverage Costs
30 minutes15
45 minutes22.5
60 minutes30

Why do MCAT lessons cost so much differently?

The cost of an MCAT lesson is strongly influenced by the teacher’s location, accolades, experience, and knowledge. A high school MCAT teacher, for example, will charge different rates than an MCAT graduate with a master of engineering degree. MCAT lesson fees on TutorOcean differ greatly, ranging from $5 to $150 per hour, with thousands of vetted tutors with all levels of expertise. With MCAT tutors accessible at all price points, you can improve your MCAT course grades online!

Is it possible to teach the MCAT online without a degree?

We encourage everyone to apply, even though only 10% of our tutors who submit an application make it through our selection process. Our Medical College Admission Test tutors have a bachelor’s degree in 60%, and a master’s degree in roughly 5%.

To start teaching kindergarten and middle school students, we recommend that our Medical College Admission Test tutors have a high school degree. A university or college degree is required for higher-level Medical College Admission Test courses. Finally, while some of our tutors help with particular topics, taking that specialization and getting a grade of above 80% usually ensures your success.


You now know how to become an MCAT tutor. We hope you find this article to be beneficial.

Let’s take our free MCAT practice test at Medtutor to get familiarized with the format as well as the questions of the actual exam to strengthen your knowledge and skills, as a result, enhancing your chance to pass the MCAT exam with a high score on your first attempt. Good luck to you!